Come out and meet over 18 different writers and artists (including me) at INDIE CREATOR NIGHT!

Fans of local art, stay tuned for the first Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy INDIE CREATOR NIGHT! We’ll be showcasing over a dozen local, independent artists, writers, and cartoonists for your enjoyment. Check out original prose, handmade jewelry, and local comics, all right here at Dragon’s Lair!

Here’s just a small sampling of the guests we’ll be hosting:

EK Weaver of The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal

Hugo Winner Elizabeth Bear

Amanda Downum of the Necromancer Chronicles

Acclaimed fantasy novelist Ari Marmell

Steve Niles of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT

…and TONS more!

The fun starts at 7:00 pm! Don’t miss it!

I’ll be sharing a table with close friend, late night coffee buddy and incredible fantasy novelist Ari Marmell. The lineup is amazing and the whole thing promises to be a crazy fun night.

Fairy Room: C. Robert Cargill Journeys from Screen to Page

You’re familiar with C. Robert Cargill, though you might not have known it. He worked as a film critic for years under a pseudonym — massawyrm — for Ain’t It Cool News, and he penned the screenplay for the 2012 horror film Sinister.

Last week Cargill’s journey from commentary to creative writing was made official with the release of his debut novel, Dreams and Shadows, and massawyrm stepped into a new career as a novelist. Dreams and Shadows is a dark modern fairytale filled with fairies and magic woven into a classic coming of age story. FairyRoom is proud to present this exclusive interview with Cargill on his writing process and the inspiration he drew from folklore.

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Ars Technica: The man who traveled through Ain’t It Cool and into Dreams And Shadows

There’s nothing cooler than pitting a monster against another monster. Wolf versus vampire, troll versus imp, fairy versus djinn. Role playing games and fantasy movies have always been quick to try to pit magical creatures against each other, but the logic of these scenarios can be flimsy. How, exactly, does that werewolf share a world with a djinni? Some fantasy stories, like the one in C. Robert Cargill’s new novel Dreams and Shadows, aim for plausibility, crafting a story where a creature’s reason for being in the story makes sense.

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