Is there going to be a sequel to QUEEN OF THE DARK THINGS?

Yes. THE COYOTE LAUGHS LAST is on the slate to be finished in 2016 for release some time in 2017.

When will you direct a movie of your own?

Never. I’m a writer, not a director. If there’s one thing almost a decade and a half in the film industry has taught me, it is that while anyone can direct a movie, only a handful of people can direct a movie well. It requires a certain skillset I don’t have, and a way of looking and thinking about things that I just don’t and can’t. My current plan is to just write. That’s what I love.

Is it true you have a Confederate flag tattoo?

No. One of the strangest, most persistent rumors about me stems from a joke my good friend Harry Knowles played on me almost 10 years ago. He badly photoshopped a tattoo on my arm and posted the image at the bottom of one of my reviews. People thought it was real, got pretty upset and curse me out to this day about it. I have no tattoos.

Where did the name Massawyrm come from?

That’s a long story I only tell over beer. Buy me a beer and I’ll tell you the story. That’s the deal.